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Coming off a string of single releases, DP Rilla has quickly made a name for himself in the South Florida music scene as one of the brightest emerging talents. With a unique sound that goes against the typical South Florida “SoundCloud\Lo-fi” style, DP Rilla has been able to build an initial core fan base, that he is looking to leverage, with the release of his upcoming EP titled Hidden Archives. With a past that includes his mom getting incarcerated and his father walking out, DP Rilla was able to not only overcome these obstacles, but also able to channel these emotions onto into his forthcoming project. “When my mom was incarcerated I was forced into a sink or swim scenario in my life. On my up and coming EP “The First Third” I touch on my past struggles and how they shaped me into the man I am today. I say this because I’ve never made my story public until now and I didn’t tell many people about it unless they were close friends or God.” Serving as a refreshing difference in an industry that has become cookie cutter in recent years, DP Rilla has different goals and objectives within the hip hop industry that he is looking to accomplish. As he mentions in his recent interview with Voyage MIA, “I’ll consider myself successful once I am able to change someone’s life for the better with my music. I do this to inspire and uplift people.” That same mentality is what has allowed him to develop himself into a worthy Engineer, producer and writer, ultimately leading to the creation of his studio, Red Room Records. Here within his own domain, DP Rilla is not only able to work and perfect his own craft, but also able to work and help other creatives bring their stories to life.

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